Bangladeshi Cheese / Ponir / Paneer

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Bangladeshi Cheese / Ponir / Paneer has its own flavour and style. In Bangladesh cheese (ponir) is made by fresh milk. But it is hard to find fresh milk in abroad. In that case you can use refrigerated milk, but you need bring it in normal temperature. Try not to use non pasturized/ homogenized milk. In Australia A2 is the only non pasteurized/ homogenized milk. Hope you will love the post. For help I am adding a video of it which is produced by Bangladesh Government.



• 1 vegetarian rennet tablet

• ½ cup cool, chlorine-free water

• 2 litre milk

• Salt

Also needs small bamboo basket (or strainer), knife and bamboo stick or skewer.










  •  Dissolve the rennet into the water and stir to dissolve.
  • Pour milk into pot (no cast iron). Place over medium heat for 2 minutes to remove the coldness (if you have fresh milk omit this part).
  •  Pour the rennet solution and ½ teaspoon salt in milk and with a spoon stir it to ensure the solution is mixed well. (Note: one tablet works for 1-10 litres of milk).
  • Then you need to keep the milk in a place for at least a couple of hours with no movement.
  •  Cut the cheese with a knife into square and with your hand crumb it.
  •  With your hand try to gather all cheese one side.
  •  Place in a bamboo basket and squeeze to strain excess whey.
  •  Let it rest 10-12 hours, add 1 teaspoon salt or to taste and with a stick try to insert inside.
  • You can keep out Bangladeshi Cheese(ponir) 22-24 days outside in airtight container, 2 month in refrigerator and yearlong in freezer.


  •  Please read carefully your rennet instruction.
  • You can use sour water (tok pani) instead of rennet tablet. To make sour water (tok pani) make mawa and milk together and rest for 10-12 hours to get sour water (tok pani).





  •  ১ ভেজিটেরিয়ান রেনেট ট্যাবলেট
  •  ১/২ কাপ পানি
  •  ২ লিটার দুধ
  •  লবন

এছাড়াও ছোট বাঁশের ঝুড়ি, ছুরি ও বাঁশের কঞ্চির প্রয়োজন।


• পানিতে রেনেট ট্যাবলেট মিশিয়ে নিন।

• হাড়িতে দুধ ১-২ মিনিট গরম করি । ( তাজা দুধ হলে গরম করার দরকার নাই)

• দুধে রেনেট মিশ্রন এবং ১/২ চা চামচ লবণ দিয়ে ভাল মিশাই।( নোট: একটি ট্যাবলেট ১-১০ লিটার দুধে কাজ করে )

• এরপর না নারিয়ে ২ ঘণ্টা রেখে দিন ।

• একটি ছুরি দিয়ে পনির চৌকা করে কাটুন এবং হাত দিয়ে ভেগে টুকরা করুন।

• হাত দিয়ে সব পনির এক পাশে জড়ো করুন।

• পনির বাঁশের ঝুড়িতে নিয়ে বাড়তি পানি চেপে বার করি।

• পনির ১0 থেকে ১২ ঘন্টা রেখে দিন; এরপর ১চা চামচ লবন পনিরের গায়ে এবং বাঁশের কঞ্চি দিয়ে ভিতরে ডুকান।

• এই পনির বাইরে রেখে ২২-২৪ দিন, রেফ্রিজেরেটরে ২ মাস এবং ফ্রিজারে ১ বছর রেখে খেতে পারবেন।


• রেনেট ট্যাবলেট -এর নির্দেশনা পড়ু্রুন

• আপনি পরিবর্তে রেনেট ট্যাবলেট টক পানি ব্যবহার করতে পারেন। টক পানি করার জন্য একসঙ্গে মাওয়া এবং দুধ মিশিয়ে ১০-১২ ঘন্টারেখে দিন।


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where i can get rennet tablet in dhaka? please let me know.


Ami tok pani use korle ki melt hobe cheese? I mean mozzarella cheese er mtoi hobe ? And ami powder milk er mawa use korte parbo???

Abu Bakar

How can I make Tok Pani.


Hi. Rennet is not available in where i live. I think i’ll go with the tok pani option, but an u tell me what the proportion for mawa to milk should be to make tok pani? Searched for the recipe via goggle- no avail.


Hi I am living in Sydney……can u pls tell me from where I can get rennet tablet. Pls reply me as soon as possible. I like this cheese very much. And ur website is very nice and helpful.

jamil daimyo

Where can i get Rennet in melbourne thank you

jamil daimyo

Thanks 🙁


Where should I buy those busket plz answer me.thank you very much.


Ami rennet tablet ar jagay vinegar dite parbo????


wow, I like this recipe a lot. I will definitely try this at home on my own. I like panir a lot. I have already learned a lot of panir recipes.


rownak vi ami kulna thaki, amon kono jaega nai jekhane ai rennet tab khuji ni kintu boss onekei janei na rennet ki , amake plz bolben khulnar kothae pabo ?


Please, what is mawa? I thought mawa was khoya. How does mixing mawa with milk produce tok pani? How much tok pani to use for making ponir with 2 liters of milk? I am writing from the U.S., and mawa is not something that is found in American supermarkets. Khoya is sold as mawa in Indian stores here. Thank you for replying, and thank you for posting this recipe and the video.


Tok pani kivabe home e prepare korbo sei recipe ki share korben?and kototuku dite hobe cheese making e?


How to make tok pani? Can you give me the portion of mawa and milk to make tok pani? T/x


hi. How much mawa and milk is suitable for the tok pani?

Abdus Choudhury

Hi, I tried to make this twice but the milk didn’t set. I used 2.25 litres of pasteurised milk and one tablet of rennet (bought from Australia via eBay to the UK). Second time I used two rennet tablets but still the milk didn’t set.

Does this recipe only work with unpasteurised milk (very difficult to get that in the UK)? Does it require the milk to set in a warm place?

Any help greatly appreciated,



Can you please post a video of it on your YouTube channel.


Please share about butter recepie .


I made the cheese, but it does not have the aeration/bubbles like the Dhaka cheese.
Also the only milk one can buy in Canada is pasteurized.
Please help


How to make tok pani
i meant quantity of mawa &milk
plz tell me


Hi apu..How r u? Apu can U tell me what is the proportion of mawa and milk for making tok pani? And i can use anykind of mawa?I mean now a days there is lots of variation for making mawa as example : instant mawa , traditional mawa etc etc..
Thank u…


What is the proportion of mawa and milk to be mixed to make tok pani. ?
How much tok pani should one use for two litres of milk for the ponir ?


apu can you please tell me how much maowa is to add with how much milk?.

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