Mouth Watering Caramel Pudding

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Caramel Custard/ Caramel Pudding

Today I will talk about a very simple but mouth watering caramel Custard. This one was my first cooking when I was in year three. If I can make in that age everybody will. Custard/ pudding needs to be very soft. If it does not come out soft that means you need to use more milk or use less egg. If we can remember simple ration of milk and egg 2:1, Pudding will be soft and melt your mouth. Remember that we steam Pudding, don’t put pudding straight to heat.



  • 5 eggs
  • 2 cups of milk
  • Half cup  sugar or to taste
  • 4 drops of vanilla essence or rose water
  • 2 tablespoons sugar for caramel

You will also need Round metal cake pan .


  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C.
  2. Whisk egg and add milk, sugar and vanilla essence one by one.
  3. For caramel put 2 tablespoons sugar in the metal pan and heat on medium high. Once sugar starts melting, try to spread it all over the pan base. So caramel should cover the base.
  4. Pour the egg mix into caramel lined pan.
  5. Place pan in a baking dish with hot water to come just halfway up sides.
  6. Bake it 30-35 minutes until it just sets. Use a knife inserted in centre, if it comes out clean the pudding sets.
  7. Take out from oven. Let it cool down little bit and then put in the refrigerator.
  8. Take out from the refrigerator. Use a knife to cut the edge of pudding from the pan. Hold tightly a plate over the pan and turn upside down. You will get you perfect Caramel Pudding/ Caramel Custard.
  9. For pressure cooker : You can use pressure cooker to make pudding. Infact using pressure is the easiest way to make pudding. So steam it pressure cooker in medium 15 minutes. and follow rest.
  10. Serve Caramel Pudding Chill.



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Thank you for putting the Caramel Pudding recipe up, they have this in other places and they call it “Flan.” It is very delicious no matter what it is called. I think you have, perhaps, explained it in the most simple terms I have ever seen :)!


hi,Rownak im surfing in your dessert world and find the same simple way of explained.
i like it very much.i belive your site will
help me a lot.


So when you make caramel you don,t use any water or oil, only sugar. Is that right.

milia moin

Hello Rownak apu,
your site is excellent and you are a great cook.
I have a question about pudding. do you boil the milk and make it thick?
Sometime after flipping it some portions on the top is not smooth, there are some ups and down if you know what I mean. do you know what should I do to prevent it?
In Mexico its called Flan.


preheat 180. but u didn’t mention the time. i mean i should preheat it for how many minutes/seconds ?


Hi apu,I’m a big fan of yours ,I was wandering if I use powder milk ,am I gonna use 2 cups od powder milk.and how I’m gonna mix it with egg. Tnx.

Angry Jolil

Y in hell did u give this oven recipe. EHHHH. What is your problem. U r bangaly so give pressure cooker recipes.\
ওই মিয়া আপনার অশুবিধা আসে। প্রতিবন্দি কথাকার। গাধা। ফাযিল।

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