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Thanks to Shahnaz Quayyum for sharing wonderful recipe. Though I try to keep my touch.


• 1 litre milk

• 2 tablespoon vinger

• ¼ teaspoon cardamom powder

• 1 cup sugar

• ¼ cup icing sugar

Also needs strainer/ cheese cloth







How to make:


1. Make chhana/ homemade cheese to follow my recipe.

2. Add cardamom with cheese and knead it well.

3. Shape it like the picture and let it sets in refrigerator for ½ hour.

4. Add sugar and 1/3 cup water on stove and make it two thread sugar syrup.  The syrup thickens and becomes sticky.

5. When white bubbles start to show from bottom,Take out the cheese from refrigerator and cut into small cube and add cheese in syrup and cook for 2 minutes.

6. Take out cheese from syrup and put on icing sugar. (If you put cheese straight on plate, it will stuck on plate).

7. Enjoy Chanamukhi chilled or room temperature.

Tips: Sugar syrup needs to be crystallized over  cheese cube. So make sure syrup in right consistency.


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I tried your puishak with chicken.It was really good.
My husband was very happy.
I like to try your chanamukhi.could you please
tell me where can I get cheese cloth in Australia. I mean which type of shop sell cheese cloth.
good luck

Afrooz hasnain

You are the best.thank you soooooo much

Shamim Ahmed

Hi Rawnak,

I tried your recipe to make chanamukhi. The chanamukhi I made is softer than the chanamukhi we see in Brahmanbaria.

How can I make it little hard.




Would love to try chanamukhi. can i use blender to knead cheese.



Thanks for your response.


Hi, How are you doing? I have recently move to Cairo, Egypt. Long time I haven’t got chance to try some of your recipe. I have just made Chanamuki. Chanamuki seems ok, but little bit softer than usual. I was little bit confused while following the recipe. For example I had no idea what is two thread sugar syrup. I got some idea from internet. I think, I couldn’t make the syrup properly. I have tried my best to squeeze all water. So chana seemed fine. Another confusion was, should I turn chana while boiling in syrup? When should we take out the chanamuki from syrup, hot or cold? I am sorry that I have always long inquiry.But I want to make perfect sweets.
I appreciate your time and effort to reply your readers.
Thanks for recipe.


Thanks for your quick reply. I am gonna try it again right now and let you know.


hi rownak do u know beson flour’s halua recipe


Hi, sorry for late reply. I have tried to make chanamukhi again, but I failed. So I gave up. this is the only sweet I failed to make after several try.

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