Chui Jhal / Piper Chaba

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chui jhal


This is called chui jhal (morich lota), it is delicacy from Khulna, Bagerhat, and Shatkhira where my dad’s family from. Its English name is Piper chaba which is a flowering vine in the family Piperaceae. Chui Jhal is originally the twig/stem part. This Expensive spice has great medicinal value, and tastes like pepper (taste like horse radish). It needs to cut down the stem, roots, peel the skin and cut it into small pieces (like data, 2 inch long and 1/2-1/3 inch thick) and cook them with meat and fishes (big sea fish). Its price depends on its thickness and different thickness Pipper chaba tastes differ.  Thicker one is popular for its flesh and thinner one is popular its spicy heat. So if you are visiting Khulna, Bagerhat, and Shatkhira, please try this delicacy (Chui Jhal).

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Thanks for informing about a delicious food of our local area.I was looking some information about it so I got it .In UK we do not get it from bengali shops. Here is available all Sylheti local food like Satkora but not others local area food. Still I love khulna local food and spaicy like Chui. Thanks again


thanks for your publication. I want to produce the spice. is it available in Bangladesh Agriculture University horticulture mymensingh or from where I can collect the plant, pls inform.

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