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komola bhog


Hi everybody! I need to let you know (who never heard of Komola bhog) that it is actually orange flavoured rosogolla(yummyyyyyyy). It is little bit bigger than usual rosogolla. I am doing recipe because I get lots comments that some of us fail to make perfect rosogolla. Trust me after making more than 30 times perfect rosogolla still I feel Rosogolla is the trickiest one.

• It needs to be exact moist in chhana and exact heat.

• When you are making chhana, vinegar needs to add at boiling point.

• Chhana needs strain as soon possible and then wash chhana with cold water.

• Chhana needs to knead well.

• Cook it on medium heat.

Hope I am not making more confused. But once you make perfect one, you will never fail again. So don’t be disappointed, try one more time. And one more thing if your rosogolla break into pieces, make it rosomalai or sondesh with it. If it is too hard, cut them then put into malai. Hope it will help you not to stop making Rosogolla.

Now come to Komolo Bhog. Komola means orange (mandarine). Some of us make it simple and use orange essence. But think that orange essence was not available when Komola bhog is used to make. I used here orange rind to give orange flavour. If you find hard to use orange rind, please orange essence then. Hope this lovely dessert will bring smile on your face. . With lots of love thanks again and don’t forget like my facebook page or join my facebook group to keep in touch with me.


• 2 litres milk

• 3 tablespoons white vinegar/ lemon juice

• 1 tablespoon sugar

• 1 tablespoon semolina

• 1 tablespoon plain flour

• 1 tablespoon self raising flour

• ½ teaspoon saffron imitation

• 2 orange rind

• 2 drops of red food colour

• 4 cups sugar for syrup

Also needs Strainer/cheesecloth and deep large pan (28’’) with lid




How to make:


Check out my Chhana recipe.

Komola Bhog:

1. Now need to squeeze the cheese to extract the water. Make sure the cheese has no excess water otherwise rosogolla will break into pieces.

2. The cheese needs to be kneaded 2 minutes. Then add sugar, semolina, plain flour, self raising flour, food colour and saffron imitation. Knead the cheese until your palm feels a little greasy and colour mix well. You can use food processor for kneading then it will be a lot easier (I like to use food processor for knead).

3. Now divide the dough into 18-22 equal parts and make them into smooth balls.


komola bhog-2


orange rind


komola bhog-3


komola bhog-5


4. Heat the pan with 7 cups water and add the sugar and orange rind on medium high. Bring it to boil and add the cheese balls to the syrup. Cover the pan with the lid.

5. Need to boil the cheese ball 45 minutes but need add ½ cup of water in every 10 minutes.

6. Remove koloma bhog from heat and let it cool down.

7. Serve Komola bhog chilled or room temperature and enjoy.


komola bhog-1


komola bhog-4



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fatema alamgir

apnar shob gulo recipe onek sundor abong mojar .amar khub bhalo lage .recipe gulor vedio thakle onek bhalo lagto abong aro easy hoto. shundor shundor reciper jonno …thanks
asha kori apni bangla janen

Fatema Alamgir

Ami apnar recipe onujaie komola bhog baniechilam kintu valo hoini ami janina keno hard hoye geche pls. Bolben ki? Ar ekta kotha 4cup sugar er shathe 7 cup water add korechi but syrup onek patla hoyeche. Ami abar korte chai ei sweet ta . Thanks

Mallika De

Rownak, your recipes are simply awesome and simple. I tried your chomchom, now I am going to try Komola bhog, pl let me know saffron and saffron imitation are same or not. Or pl let me know what is saffron imitation? Thanks.

zinia hossain

semolina and self raising flour ki?? 🙁

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