Lal mohon/Golap jam/Lal misti

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Lal mohon/Golap jam/lal misti which ever name you call it, all are different name for same dessert. Hope you will like.



Image Credit: bnilesh



• 2 cups full cream milk powder

• ½ cup self raising flour

• Pinch of saffron imitation

• 200ml thicken cream

• 3 cups sugar

• 2 cardamom pods

• Ghee or Oil to deep fry(you can use half oil and half ghee)

How to make:

1. First place a sauce pan on heat with 3 cups water, cardamom and sugar. When sugar is dissolved and syrup comes into boiling point, turn off the heat. Keep aside. We need lukewarm syrup to soak the sweet.

2. Mix milk powder, self raising flour, saffron and cream and make dough. Need to be careful about adding cream because we want soft dough which we can work with (don’t make too soft which hard to shape). But on the other hand hard dough will make crack on sweet.

3. Divide the dough into 18-20 balls.

4. Heat the pan on low medium with oil for deep fry. Check the oil to put a little piece of dough in the oil if it sizzles and comes up slowly .It means the oil is ready.

5. When oil is ready (don’t make oil too hot, we will slow fry them. Place the sweet in the oil with care and fry it all side till it becomes golden brown.

6. Take out the sweet from oil and straight put into lukewarm syrup. Repeat the same step for rest of sweet.

7. Soak sweet at least ½ hr and take out the sweets from syrup.

8. Serve Lal mohon/Golap jam/lal misti cold.

Tips: Oil temperature is the most important part so keep your stove on low medium.


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You’r brilliant recipes impressed me, specialy ur desserts.I just came from bangladesh, and i missed my all foods.So ur recipes is very easy to learn. One things i have to ask that ” semolina”what is … ?Is a backing power or baking soda alternative use. Pls help, cause i am going to make a Golap Jam. Also Apa, i have a one request pls give a recipe how i can make a “Bhalu Shi” and Mehidanar laddu.

Thank u so much.


Hi !!! how ru Apa? ok Apa i made a Golap jam it was hard… no idea why. i followed ur recipe but didnot work for me. So everybody telling me i have to use little bit baking powder or soda otherwise will be hard inside. Anyway, i am going to make again.



I don’t think you need to add semolina to golap jam! Maybe that’s why becoming hard?


Hi Apa, How ru ? Yes Apa i made it again but didnot work. However, i am gonna try again. This time i bought everythings fresh still …..


How can I get self raising flour?



How ru Apa? I am fine. Still i am keep trying to make Golap jamm. Apa i bought everything fresh but didnot work. Jamm is very hard syrap didnot go into the jamm. Looks like a fry floor balls. Everybody making a fun with that…. ha ha

i make a promised with myself one day inshalla my jamm will be soft and delicious

Thank u so much.


Salam Apa! How ru ?Apa i am living in Florida. Where do u live?Apa where i do live in florida very few Bangali. However, everybody making nice and delicious food all the time when pary goes.Anyway, i am making a good food follow ur recipe. Ur all recipes very easy to make except Golap jamm. Thank u so much. Apa we r going to cele sovo novoborsy so everybody making one item so i am going to make a “rosogolla”. Inshalla ill be fine.Sovo novoborshow Apa.



I would love too have more bangladeshi pitha recipes.


I think, to make a soft golap jaman, the main strategy is keep the dough soft. thanks


is self raising flour is half cup ?
same as mouchak?


I tried this golap jam it turned out very nice. Thank you and one more thing. I am having eid party at my house I want to make vegi item can you please suggest which one will be good? Thank you


It will be very helpful if you can give me Chinese style one.

Thank you


Do I need to boil these jamuns in syrup?or soak it warm syrup?normally I boil.but some times it became hard.sometimes turned out soft.How many hours I have to soak these jamun inside the syrup?Thanks in advance.


hi i made this golap jam and it came out really wonderful .thank you for this easy recipe.hey ,once it socked when i take it off from the syrup can i use some mawa on the top.thanks again for this wonderful recipe.


Hi,i just made this golap jam it came out really wonderful.thank you for your easy recipe.hey,once it socked when i take it of from syrup can i use some mawa on the top of it.thanks again for your wonderful recipes.your blogs help me a lot …


If I do not have self raising flour then what should I do? I mean in what proportion I should use baking powder in plain flour to make self raising flour????? please do let me know as early as possible….thnx


Hi I have tried your gulapjamun recipe but whenever I put them in oil after making round shape, it became out of round shape and some of them have broken.After giving to syrup most of them have broken.I followed everything of ur recipe. Taste is too good but its broken.Please suggest me what to do?


Hi… i tried making this today. It was good until i soaked in syrup. It soaked well n stayed round. But when i tried to lift it up, it was so soft that it falls apart. What do u think i did wrong? Thanks.


Yes, it was lukewarm.

Rumana from usa

Hi rownak Apu. Amar rosgolla o venge jasse jokhon sugar syrap a dissi. But Apu ami 1 litter milk diye try korsi apnar recipe follow kore but kisutei hosse na. Rosgolla gulo venge syrup er sate mise jasse. I’m very upset. Pls help. I’m using baking powder instead of self raising flower.


eid mubarak…I think I noticed somewhere that you were from chittagong…ive been looking for a ‘chutki’ recipe but can’t find any…hope you know what it is and can do a post on how to make it inshaAllah…I thought you’d have it here for sure since you’ve got a good collection 🙁 …oh well…ill try your golap jam instead…love your recipes…Very easy to follow MashaAllah turn out wonderful…

May Allah give your site and your family barakah…


hi apu!
i can’t understand the measurement.for example, you use 2 cup milk powder.but 1 cup equal to how many grams?
1 cup=125 grams?or
1 cup=250 grams?
thanks in advance.


I’ll try to make it..
From malaysia


Hi apu, I have tried this one and successful. Just one thing, after soaking the sweets in syrup, it was not soft much, a bit hard then the usual sweets. What may be the cause of this problem? I exactly followed your recipe 🙂


wow.. so nice.. and thanks for this recipe..


nice recipe.. tried out at home yesterday..was wonderful .
keep sharing more misty recipe but in bangla..


Hi Rownak: I am from USA. I tried many other jamun recipes but every one was unsuccessful. This time I followed your’s and it’s a 100% success!! I have used a kitchen aid standing mixer to knead the dough. I think proper kneading is also very important. It was fast and effortless, I must say! Thank you!

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