Misti Doi/ Sweet Yogurt

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I got lots of request for Misti doi / sweet yogurt. Because of winter in Australia I took time to post it.Though whole world is trying to use less sugar, I think that sugar is the most important ingredients of life. And Misti Doi / Sweet yogurt brings the sweetness in our life. I try to simplify the process to make it. I used evaporated milk here. If you don’t have evaporated milk, take 3 cups milk and cook it if it becomes 2 cups(don’t forget to stir constantly).


• 2 and ½ cups Greek yogurt

• 1 can condensed milk

• 1 can  evaporated milk

• 3 tablespoon sugar or to taste

• 2 drops red food colour(optional)

• 2 drops saffron imitation(optional)

Also needs oven proof bowl.

How to make:

1. Preheat the oven on highest temperature (250°c / 480 °F).

2. Blend all ingredients together and pour in oven proof bowl.

3. Turn off the oven and place bowl in the oven.

4. Let the bowl in oven 4 hrs or till it comes to room temperature and take it out.

5. Put the yogurt bowl in refrigerator.

6. Serve Misti Doi/ Sweet Yogurt chilled.

Tips: 1. If you want less cream (which I prefer), use milk instead of evaporated milk. 2. Add sugar to your taste.



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Salam Apa,
What will be the ml measuremnt of 1 can / 1 can cups?
Also, Can I use Natural Yogurt instead of Greek?
Thanks for your great recipes.


Hi,I didn’t turn off the oven.I set the temp in 100C.then leave it for 1hr.but before that I preheat the oven in 160c.sometimes water separates out at the end.I drain out the water carefully and put it in the fridge.I can cut it nicely and serve this.still I couldn’t get the satisfaction.I want make doi like our country.recipe and amounts are almost same. what is the fault in my recipe?How can I get rid of this?Thanks in advance.


What’s the difference between using natural yogurt and Greek? Any difference we will get ? Why did you use Greek? Just curies…

Thank you


Hi there, I have made mishti doi two times. I have followed your recipe, but doi is little bit soft. Test was good, everybody liked it specially my son, who is very picky eater. I have few inquiries, as well as, sorry for that. First of all how long should I preheat the oven? How long should I keep the doi in the oven? Once you told four hours and another place you told till it comes to room temperature. Is outcome makes any difference because of yoghurt? I used red color, the doi had pinkish color. Second time I used orange color, that’s gave perfect color. Anyway how can I make doi perfect like yours? Thank you.

efa khan

I liked your recipe. But a little confusion. What do u refer saying pre-heat in highest temperature? In my broiler,highest temp. is 550,is it ok to make Doi?U told to wait 4 hours,but U also told u keep it whole night.are both of them ok?

efa khan

can I use Sour cream?

Shams Al Haq Khan

Yes Rawnak I tried to make Mansur. Although it becomes little hard but too testy. However will try again to become 100% successful.

Thanks for your experiments to ease us in cooking lot of Bangla dishes.

Wish you all the best in future.


wHow can i make doi from chhena?


Misti doe er jno koto kn ovn prehit hbe ???


Apu can i use jaggery instead of sugar. If so can u pls kindly post me the process.


How can I do doi in microwave?


Apu,I made doi using your recipe and it came out perfect every time. Thank you so much!

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