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. 2 litres milk

. 3 tablespoons white vinegar/ lemon juice

. ½ cup sugar

. 1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder

. ½ cup dry mawa

Also needs


. Deep large pan (28’’) with lid

How to make:

1. Make chhana to check my Chhana recipe.

2. Now need to squeeze the cheese to extract the water.

3. Heat the non-stick pan on medium heat and add the cheese, cardamom powder and sugar.

4. Stir frequently till sugar is dissolved and it becomes soft dough.

5. Turn off the heat and let it be cool down little bit.

6. Make about 25-28 balls and rolls in mawa.

7. Serve Pranhara chilled.


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Hello Rownak,

I love this Blog of yours 🙂

I was going through your Pranhara recipe, and had a question about it. When should we add the semolina?

Thanks in advance!


Hi,Its great to found this blog. I am a food fanatic and keen to learn as much as possible about food from all over the world.


hi, thanks for this great recipe. i used slightly less sugar (0.4 cups instead of 0.5), but that’s a matter of taste. loved the recipe and will definitely make it again, it’s my favorite mishti

kazi anower

Thank you Borna.

kazi anower

Thank you Rownak Jahan.I want to make friendship with you.
Kazi anower
tornfalks gatan 6b
21560 malmö


You said on the above recipe ‘Stir frequently till sugar is dissolved and it becomes soft dough’ – can u please give exact time like 10 min or 15 min. I think this is the tricky part of this recipe. Do I need to cook this like Sandesh recipe? Please advise.
I really like your recipe:)


Thank you, I will try to make this on our EID.


Eid Mubarak Apa,
How much Chana should get extracted from 1 ltr Liquid milk? In Madam Siddiqa Kabir’s book it says 3/4 cup.

[…] sweets I grew up eating. Overly sweet but crazy good to eat and to look at. Snow-white ones, ‘Pranhara‘ is made of pure ricotta.  Yellow balls are called ‘Laddoo‘; chick pea flour […]


Hi rownak.apu..i try your pranhara recipe ..when i fry everything its became dry…what should i do to make it soft…


Assalamu a’laikum apu, kachagolla r pranhara ki eki mishti?

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