Narikel Murg / Spicy Coconut Chicken

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narikel murg


I want to say that Narikel Murg / Coconut Chicken is spicy dish with great taste. Please don’t get confuse with the use of sugar. Little bit sugar just acts as taste enhancer.



• 1 chicken (1 kg)

• ¾ cup coconut milk

• ½ cup onion paste

• 6-7 green chillies (sliced)

• 2 teaspoons ginger paste

• 1 teaspoon garlic paste

• 1 tablespoon Cashew nuts /almond paste

• 2 teaspoon coriander powder

• ½ teaspoon sugar

• Salt to taste

• 1/3 cup oil


How to make:

1. Cut the chicken into 8-12 pieces and wash it.

2. Take a pan and add together chicken, ginger, garlic, coriander, onion, ½ tsp salt and oil.

3. Cook it till oil is separated and add coconut milk and green chillies.

4. Give a stir and cook it under closed lid till chicken is cooked properly.

5. Check salt and add nut paste, ¼ cup water and sugar.

6. Give a stir and cook 2 minutes. Remove Narikel Murg / Coconut Chicken from heat.

7. Enjoy Narikel Murg / Coconut Chicken with rice or polau.


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Thanks rownak for narikel morog recipie, it helped me a lot


Hi Apu
I tried this recipe and it was so delicious with pulao,, My daughters loved it so I’m sooo happy 😀
Thanx for the recipe apu.


All I can say is yummy, thank you for the great recipes!

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